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A wide spectrum of Laminating Adhesives are produced by MAP to cater to various segments and vital needs of the flexible packaging convertors. We have classified our products based on their functional properties (ie : Bond Strengthpeel strength, chemical and heat resistance among others) as below :

General Purpose Adhesive System
Medium Perfomance Adhesive System
High Perfomance Adhesive System
Super High Perfomance Adhesive System
General purpose adhesives are the most economical and are used for simple end use applications. Medium and high perfomance adhesives are used in applications where the need for thermal and chemical resistance becomes imperative.

Choosing a Right Adhesive System :
The selection of the right type of adhesive for your needs is important becps a wrong choice may lead to failure in the perfomance of flexible packaging material. Before concluding on this decesion, numerous parameters have to be evaluated.

* The compatability of the laminating adhesive must be checked with the substrates to be laminated
* End use applications have to be examined and studied in minute detail before finalising on the packaging materials. Laminates have to be tested for their suitability on various packaging machines.

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