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Packing :
Packing is offerred in flexible variations to suit varied client requirements.
Standard sizes available are 200 Kg Nett., 25 Kg nett. and 5 Kg nett.

Pricing :
One promise,which we intend to STICK by is, that a few years down the line. We will be the number one company to give the very best quality at the very best prices.

Delivery Schedules and Agents across the Globe :
Our Delivery Schedules are remarkably fast and we intend to deliver off the shelf in your region within a year or 2. We are in the midst of appointing agents all over India and the globe to acheive this objective of "Off the shelf delivery”

Quality and R & D :
We talk adhesive, eat Adhesive, sleep Adhesive, dream adhesive, breathe adhesive.

We make QUALITY Adhesive.

Day in and day out, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Our polymer scientists outstretch their creative talents to churn out the very best Quality products.

Our state of art Laboratory and worldclass process control equipments ensures, that stringent checks are employed at every stage of production to deliver consistent quality batch after batch. Samples are drawn at every stage...checked...further...rechecked to achieve perfection at every stage.Abundant creativity and a burning zeal to perform will catapult us in the international Adhesive arena within a couple of years.

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Technical Services :
We are forever ready to service our customers on all your vital queries. You can email us or fax us for the minutest of problems, which may be in any way directly or indirectly related to our subject. We are at you beck and call for any help that you may need. Rest assured, that this unstinted technical support will forever be coupled to our worldclass quality.

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Future Products :
A concentrated effort to develop environmentally friendly alternative to solvent borne adhesives is in progress. We are in the final stage of concluding this development work. Bookmark our website for updates on new products.

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